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Listen. Plan. Create. Learn.

This is how we do it.

Our approach is based on our 15 year company history. Our life lessons, screwups, successes, and fundamental desire to get things done right the first time have built our recipe for success.

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  • 2_Concept
  • 1_Planning
  • 3_Develop
  • 6_Evaluation
It all starts with how well we listen.

During this phase, we uncover your goals, determine if this is a client-facing website, or a user application. We perform our unique user inventory and role analysis, where we determine the potential users of your site or app, what devices they'll be using, who they are, where they are, what drives them, their goals, and as important, your goals for them.

The conflict between their goals and your goals and understanding that conflict helps us understand the psychology of a visitor, and how to best approach the technology, the interface, the user interaction, and the colors.

After we understand this, we focus on understanding workflow and the various data elements at play.

  • Discovery
  • User Inventory / Role Analysis
  • Content Inventory
  • Workflow / User Path
  • Data Elements
It's all in the planning.

You don't build your dream house without a blueprint, design directions and a defined outcome. The same philosophy applies to your website or application. This includes user experience planning, navigation, content and information architecture and your technical infrastructure.

Everything has its place, and this is where we determine the where, when and how.

  • Color Palettes
  • Style Definitions
  • Typography
  • Content and Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups
Who doesn't love to create and build stuff?

And we're good at it too. With expertise in content management systems such as Umbraco, Drupal and Wordpress and technologies such as PHP, C#/.Net, Adobe Flash/Flex, jQuery, CSS, Javascript, Microsoft Access and SQL Server, we make sure your website or application is easy to use, runs smoothly, is secure, and just plain works.

And once we've built it, we help you launch it to your internal or external stakeholders through communication, SEO, documentation and launch strategy.

  • Slicing / HTML+CSS+JQuery+Javascript
  • CMS Integration / Backend Coding
  • Content Inputs and Copywriting
  • Launch and Market
We learn at every opportunity in a project.

Our successes. Our mistakes. No learning opportunity is too small.

Which is why we make sure to involve every project stakeholder, team member and client in its evaluation. And we make sure to share what we're learned with our customers.

  • Customer Training
  • CQI / Improvement
  • Customer Support
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