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MTC Developed a customized mobile CRM for rEVO Biologics using responsive design, jQuery and advanced interface techniques.

July 25, 2012

A Friendly App.

Ask the team at rEVO Biologics how you make medicine out of goat's milk. We don't know goats, but we do know mobile web apps. MTC helped this cutting-edge biotech firm strengthen relationships with key medical opinion leaders by building a bleeding-edge mobile CRM matched exactly to their needs.

We had to make sure this app worked well on devices of all shapes and sizes, from a large LED to a tablet, to a smartphone. With responsive design that "responds" to the size of the screen, an easy to use left side navigation, large buttons, and inner scrolls the result was an app that's friendly no matter how it's viewed.

A Social App.

R EVO-Activity Feed -Mockup

rEVO wanted its new CRM to have the look and feel of a social media application. So we developed a live feed that fills with recent updates. Users can filter these updates by user, region, or all. We also developed a script that parsed a live RSS feed with medical news and integrated it into the user's own rEVO feed. rEVO also uses vector font icons to ensure that all pages load quickly and accurately.


The Latest in Interface Design. 

rEVO wanted a way to easily navigate to their frequently viewed contacts...kind of like bookmarks. Using AJAX and PHP scripts, we created a way for users to quickly add a bookmark through the click of a "star" without having to refresh the page.

Once a bookmark is added, it is stored on their bookmark list, which through JQuery, can easily expand and collapse with the click of an arrow. 

Speedy Page Loads.

Using AJAX and PHP includes, we limited the number of times a user actually leaves a page. We also used image sprites -- so all of those little icons that you see are actually contained in one big image. This way when you first arrive to the site, you only have to wait for one image to load, speeding up overall page load time.


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