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Best Responsive Websites in Healthcare

December 11, 2013

As I was researching for this article I noticed that Responsive Web Design was not really incorporated in the Healthcare field. Most websites I came across were information based and purely functional. However, there were some healthcare websites that were designed for all screens and had some features that we enjoyed.

Texas Children’s Hospital:

Texas Childrens Website

The Texas Children’s Hospital website has great responsive features. The menu bar shrinks down into an easily accessible and fully functioning drop down menu. It is very user friendly when it is pulled up in mobile and you can still scroll through the highlights while browsing on your phone.


Scripps Website

Scripps mobile view provides everything that you would want to know when searching through your phone. Its search bar is the first thing that comes up as well as the FAQ’s on the home page. We love this website because it is simply designed and wonderfully functional—definitely no scrolling necessary here!


Aidgov Website 

This is another great example where the highlights reel is still fully functional in mobile. We were pleasantly surprised to see how well this website was designed. While in mobile the menu is easily accessed through a drop down and even sections with large images and heavy text were completely responsive.


Pfizer Website 

Pfizer’s website design is clean cut and well organized. We liked this website because it gave a variety of information on its homepage and made it easy to connect to social media on both computers and mobile devices.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital:

Newton Wellesley Hospital Website

The color scheme here is a great choice for a hospital website. Newton-Wellesley hospital was definitely thinking about how often people use their Smartphones when this website was made. When you pull this up in mobile it has the sections: how do I get to NWH, Find a Doctor and ER Average Wait Time all neatly arranged right at the front.


Merck Website 

Merck did a really good job with sharing their latest news on both computers and through mobile browsing. Our favorite part of this website is that the news bar at the bottom of the screen stays uniform on all devices.

Children’s Hospital Colorado:

Childrens Colorado Website

Children’s Hospital Colorado has a highly informative website that is also well designed. Our favorite thing about this website is that even though they have multiple separate menus on the homepage, all of these menus are fully accessible in mobile. The icons shift in such a unique way—you can tell that a lot of thought was put into each different interface.

Einstein Healthcare Network:

Einstein Website

The homepage of this website is a great example of where design meets functionality. Einstein Healthcare Network’s information is easily accessible on all screen sizes.


If you have any suggestion of healthcare websites that have awesome RWD please tweet them to us @masstechnology

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