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10 Boston Organizations with Awesome Responsive Web Design

Our favorite local websites

November 07, 2013

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is one of our favorite design approaches when creating a website. It’s programmed to adapt to any sized screen so that users always see the same information without having to scroll to get to the content.

We think these 10 organizations absolutely rocked it.

Boston Globe

Boston Globe Website

Boston’s #1 daily newspaper is one of the pioneers in RWD. The amount of content that goes through this website is incredible and the fact that they’ve been able to keep it organized and completely responsive is impressive. The paper, which was just acquired by John Henry, has a weekly circulation count of 285,000. 26,000 Bostonians have opted to have a digital-only subscription which can be accessed through this well designed website.



Brafton Website

Brafton is a content marketing agency out of Downtown Boston. They offer help with companies content strategies and then help fuel that with branded news, blogs and articles. Their mission is to help their clients achieve branding, search and social visibility. We love their website because it features a black and white layout highlighted by brightly colored accents.



Spindle Website

Spindle is a mobile app that helps you discover the best social updates from nearby shops, restaurants, bars, event venues, parks, museums and galleries, community organizations, and other attractions. They have just recently been acquired by Twitter. The best thing about this website is all of the multimedia is fully responsive—including the video! It is clearly content focused and completely future proof.



Plastiq Website

Plastiq allows credit card holders to make payments to places where cards aren’t already a choice. You can use the cards already in your wallet to make payments online, regardless of merchant acceptance. This can even include tuitions to school and rent payments. This website is awesome because of its scroll feature. All of the five sections of the main page have an appealing and clean design that all morph perfectly to any screen size.



Ginger .io Website

Ginger.io is a behavior analytics company. They use big data from mobile phones to model user behavior, and make inferences about health and wellness. Their main objective is using sensor data and machine learning to build a 'check-engine light' for a person's health. This platform is designed to help chronic patients, their caregivers and clinicians. The main menu is definitely the best feature on this website. Once you get to a certain screen size it becomes and easily accessible drop down menu.



Harvard Website

The oldest university in America does not have the oldest technology. Harvard’s website is beautifully responsive throughout—and looks great on a mobile interface! We love it because there are no obnoxious color schemes (which are found on most university websites) just simple hints of crimson and black. The color choice and focused approach complete Harvard’s simple and well organized layout.



Vocoli Website

Vocoli is web-based team innovation software. It provides companies with a customizable platform that helps employees suggest ideas to help solve some of the biggest organizational challenges. It allows all team members to contribute great ideas—the big game-changing ones and the small fixes. Our favorite part of this website is the way that the icons shift as the screen gets smaller. It’s incredibly well organized and easy to scroll through.



Converse Website

Converse is a shoe company which was founded just outside of Boston in Malden, MA. On this website you can shop online for the iconic shoes. This website rocks because the design and color scheme stays consistent with the brand which is always a plus for the consumer market. Bonus: The create your own shoe option is awesome. And yes, it too is responsive.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact Website

Constant Contact, headquartered in Waltham, MA, helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect and engage with their next great customer, client, or member. The Constant Contact Toolkit helps all kinds of businesses and organizations find new customers, drive repeat business, and generate referrals. Its website helps convey its message with ease. This website is the perfect example of the difference between layout and design.


Newton Wellesley Hospital

Newton Wellesley Hospital Website

Newton Wellesley Hospital is a Partners affiliated hospital located in Newton, MA. One very cool feature about this website is the ER Average Wait Time, which is highlighted in red to make it standout on its home page. It is updated every five minutes and represents the average time it takes for a patient to be seen by the Emergency Department.


If you have any other favorites in the Boston area, let us know on Twitter: @MassTechnology








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