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Inspiration Abounds.

Top Five Sources for Design Inspiration

Our favorite sites for inspiration and innovation in design.

October 14, 2013

Where do you find inspiration? How we design interactive experiences has changed so much in the past few years that it’s a challenge to keep up. With all the magazines, blogs and resources that exist out there, we asked a few of our designers and developers to share their favorites.


Design Taxi

Top on the list and top in our hearts. Design Taxi brings together some of the most unusual and exciting things happening on the web. With everything from graphic design and infographics to illustration, photography, product design, video, advertising and art all in one place there is no limit to what you’ll discover.

Their section devoted to unique and original infographics is a fun way to see information displayed visually, while their advertising category highlights industry leaders and innovators (like this responsible drinking campaign). Their series on street art is also a cool way to see how artists bring their work to public spaces. This hub serves as a great source of inspiration and cool ideas.

(Bonus: If you find something you like, chances are you can buy a print version on Bza.co)


FastCoDesign Home

Fast Company continues to be reliable source for interesting news in the worlds of technology, business and design. FastCoDesign spotlights what’s new in startup culture, responsive web design, and other design trends. More news based than Design Taxi, you’ll always find an article about the latest clever gadget or words of wisdom from industry pros- or failures (ie their recent article on FourSquare’s founder).

SmashingMagazine- UX Design

Smashing Magazine UX Design

The UX Design category of Smashing Magazine’s site offers an  array of quality articles on usability, information architecture, interaction design and other UX issues. Smashing offers advice and guidance on building better sites and platforms for both UI designers and developers. They’re a reliable source for news and top trends in coding, web design, mobile adaption and graphics. 

Regular blog posts address specific UX issues like how to remain current with user interfaces or create effective e-commerce platforms. There’s even a section for noobs devoted to getting started with Wordpress and troubleshooting. This site is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t, constantly improving, adapting to industry trends, and technology advances



Unlike DesignTaxi or FastCo, Dribble is a community forum for designers, posing the daily question of “What are you working on?”  This Massachusetts based service allows designers show off their work, promote projects, explore trends in design and even search for jobs.

Think “Show and Tell,” all grown up.

Created by a group of web and software developers, it’s a platform to discover what others are creating or get advice on current projects. You can even search for collaborators based off of their skill set, location, availability and more. The site even includes a “rebound” feature where designers can reimagining or contribute their version of a poster’s work (Or the Ios7 redesign). 

Dribbble- Rebound

So, whether you’re looking to brag about a new design or uncover some hidden gems of the internet- Dribbble is the place to find them. You have to be invited to post, but it’s easy to follow your favorites, saving ideas and inspirations for later.




Awwwards gives out daily awards for design, creativity and innovation. Like Dribbble it’s a designer driven site for seeking inspiration or validation of new projects and great ideas. It’s a great way to uncover current examples of what makes sites useful, intuitive and beautiful and the multinational jury means a multinational array of sites and opinions. Sites are judged on a 1-10 scale for creativity, effort, and now, responsiveness.

Awwwards recognizes web designers, developers and agencies around the world for creating unique digital experiences.

If you have any other favorites that we missed, let us know on twitter @masstechnology.


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