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Best of April 1st: Did you get fooled?

April 01, 2014

Today is April 1st or for those of you with a good sense of humor, April Fool’s Day. Companies across the web have been brainstorming these tricks for months. So who did it best? Here are our favorites from the day.

Uber Subway

The moment we all have been waiting for: Uber Subway has now officially launched! The 2nd Avenue train in New York City is now exclusively Uber’s. Tired of waiting all day for a train that never comes? Never fear! All you have to do is open your Uber app anywhere on 2nd avenue and tap to reserve a car. I wonder if they will be expanding to other transit authorities anytime soon…

Uber Subway

The Pirate Bay

“In cooperation with Russian, Israeli and Japanese neuroscientists, we are developing a device that will embrace your entire mind,” said a spokesman from The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay, a popular file sharing website, has now come out with a simple plug-in that allows you to live inside any movie that you want. These lasers project onto your retina and you will soon be able to play the main character of your favorite movie. The Pirate Bay goes on to say: “Using your brain power and nervous system, we will be able to speed things up. Every part of The Pirate Bay will be stored within you and everyone else that dares to participate in this step into the future.” We’re more than a little skeptical.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Google Maps

Google Maps

Attention! You can now be part of Google’s team with the esteemed title of: Pokemon Master. All you have to do is open Google Maps on your iPhone or Andorid and catch all 150 pokemon that have been hidden worldwide. These pokemon are hidden in places from Machu Picchu to The Empire State Building to Burj Khalifa. Stumped yet? Some adventurous Pokemon Master has indexed where you can find them all here.

Other Notable Google Fools from Today:

- Google+ is now featuring a filter where you can have David Hasselhoff photobomb your pictures

- Google Chrome can now translate websites into emoji

- Gmail introduces Gmail Shelfie: a shareable selfie service

- So basically, all of our prayers have been answered

Virgin America, Nest

Virgin America

It always seems that when you are flying on an airplane the temperature is either way too hot or sub arctic. It was only a matter of time that someone came out with a way to control the temperature of your individual seat. This is 2014 after all, sheesh. Nest and Virgin America teamed up to announce that each plane passenger can control their own climate with three settings: Cancun Afternoon, Standard Day in LA, and Chicago Polar Vortex. The video, which features Virgin CEO Richard Branson and Nest CEO Tony Fadell, is more than worth watching.



Across the pond, in the UK, WiFi is now being provided by pigeons. Samsung is calling it the Free Fli-Fy pilot which was launched today at London’s Piccadilly Circus. This program developed micro-routers that are attached to pigeon’s backs. “Carrier pigeons can carry a maximum of 75 grams on their backs. So at only 26 grams, the micro-router is virtually unnoticeable,” said Peter Collins, Fli-Fy Project Director. They are hoping to launch enough pigeons to provide blanket coverage. So no, you will not have to chase pigeons around all day in order to get a strong signal. Hopefully these pigeons don’t decide to migrate.


Linkedin Cats

Everyone knows that cats are the internet’s most loved animals. Now you can finally connect with your favorites through the Cats You May Know tool. “Cats You May Know was designed to give pawed professionals an opportunity to brand themselves, share their unique skills, and network with both humans and other relevant cats in their breed.” Don’t forget to endorse your cats skills and of course give your recommendations. I hear many animals, especially of the K-9 variety, are very upset about this new development.


Is there a certain April Fools joke that caught your attention? Let us know on Twitter: @masstechnology

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