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The Friday Five: Heartbleed and Noisy Tweeters

April 11, 2014

This was a pretty big week in technology. Heartbleed came to surface, the Webby awards were announced and social media platforms were abuzz like usual. Here are the articles that we found most interesting this week.

Friends don't unfollow friends who tweet too much they MUTE them!

Have you ever had this problem? You love to follow certain people but it just so happens that they are tweeting way too much at a conference or on a twitter chat. You don’t have to unfollow them after all! Some apps such as TweetBot make it possible for you to mute a follower for a certain period of time: a day or a month, even forever. This way you can continue following certain people without having to offend them by unfollowing. Twitter itself also makes it possible for you to silence retweets by certain users. So before you hit the dreaded unfollow button think about temporarily muting noisy users.

Game Of Thrones Houses Rebranded As Multinational Corporations

Lannister _429x 207

Game of Thrones came back last Sunday for its much anticipated fourth season.  We’re big GOT-ers over here so when we saw that each house had its own logo, we really needed to share. This project is called “Game of Firms” (lol) by Mordi Levi and it couldn’t be funnier/more accurate. Most appreciated: House Martell and their career as regional sales managers.

The Perfect Storms, History Channel

Galveston _hurricane _393x 260

This is one of the coolest uses of motion graphics on a website. In honor of The History Channel’s new series Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed The World they have created an unbelievable interactive website. You are able to reenact weather scenarios from three famous storms in time and understand how they happened.

Heartbleed, Before You Freak Out

A huge internet security breach has surfaced over the last few days and everyone is in a dizzying frenzy trying to figure out if it concerns them and their privacy. Before you let panic set in, you need the facts about which systems are most vulnerable with this virus. Heartbleed is only present in the Open SSL implementation of SSL and TLS. To put it more simply, OpenSSL is generally found on Apache and nginx web servers. This article gives a great indepth view on what to expect going forward. Just in case you aren’t sure what this all means, there is a heartbleed test page to help you understand if you are vulnerable to the bug.

Famous Entrepreneurs: Who They Are And How They Were Educated

Billgatesstevejobs _443x 303

So we all know that some of the greats, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg, never even graduated college. But that doesn’t mean every entrepreneur decided to forgo the whole education thing all together. This study took the top 100 entrepreneurs and looked at if they went to a public/private university, if they graduated at all or if they went on to further their education through graduate programs. The results are fascinating but it kind of makes you wonder if entrepreneurs are educated or born.

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