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The Friday Five: A Mayor's AMA and GPS Shoes

April 25, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Taking over after Mayor Menino’s 20-year run could seem a little daunting.  So, what did Mayor Marty Walsh do? He took to Reddit to host his first AMA- Ask Me Anything, to get to know his community. Questions ranged from policy initiatives and plans for #Boston to his favorite cereal (Frosted Flakes.)

The End of Google +

According to multiple sources, Google will be reconsidering Google + and its role as a social network in competition against Facebook. After Vic Gundotra, who led Google+, announced that he was leaving Google, rumors started circulating and it seems that the company has begun shifting the 1,000-1,200 Google+ employees over to their android teams. They are “reportedly scrapping mandatory Google+ integration with its other products. “

So, what does this mean for Google+ businesses? We’ll find out soon enough! But until then, come chat with us.

Smart Shoes


Do you get tired of staring at your iPhone map when you should be appreciating a walk through the city? MIT Media Lab researcher Dhairya Dand is here to help.  She’s created  insoles that help guide you through the urban sprawl without once consulting a map. SuperShoes, as they’re being called, aren't really shoes at all but a silicone insole that has a microcontroller, Bluetooth module and what Dand is calling “vibrotactile ticklers.” The insoles slip into your favorite sneakers and use Bluetooth to connect to your smart phones. The accompanying  app called Shoe Central uses your smartphone's GPS data, to send vibrations to your feet, sending you in the right direction.

Want replies? Create responsive email marketing

Responsive -Email

80% of people delete mobile emails if they don’t look good on smart phones and tablet devices.  This shocking statistic gives designers more reason than ever to embrace responsive web design, particularly when it comes to email marketing. This awesome infographic explores the key to using fluid grids and images to enhance your email efforts.  Learn the best practice tricks and some coding tips to help make sure your emails look great, on any device.

10 Facebook Rules Every Business Needs to Know Before Posting [INFOGRAPHIC]

 Many people spend hours toiling over creating the “perfect post” or focusing too much on timing. There are many factors to what makes a successful social media account and this article just about covers all of them. One of the cooler things they mentioned is people’s moods on the different days of the week. For example, people are at their lowest on Tuesday and are pretty much checked-out by Friday. If your posts appeal to people’s varying moods they are more likely to relate to your brand and engage with your content.

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