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The Friday Five: A Marathon Tribute and Yelp for Doctors

April 18, 2014

Project Ara

Build Your Own Cell Phone

Sick of swapping phones every two years? Google is looking to change that. They’ve introduce project Ara, a build-it-yourself, highly customizable handset.  Instead of investing in a whole new handset, the idea is to let users swap out specific elements when they want to upgrade -- the camera, the processor, amount of RAM or display size or resolution. The individual blocks can be 3-D printed with patterns and images and a configuration app will help consumers find what components are available and in which designs.

Piece the phone together with a brick-by-brick like a Lego model, creating their perfect handset for you and upgrading as you go.

Dear _world _boston _01  

Dear World: Portraits from the Boston Marathon

Dear World, run by Robert Fogarty is part business/art project/social experiment. The mission? Fogarty says they’re “working towards a beautiful, wonderful world where more people send a message to family, friends and strangers in this way.”

As many of you know, this Wednesday, April 15th marked the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. In this beautiful series of photos, Dear World asked runners and survivors to return to the finish line to share their message with the world, reclaiming it as their own. Boston is a city of love stories now and these touching pictures remind us of that as we prepare for this year’s race on Monday.

Yelp, for Medicine

Doctors are expected to know a lot. Different treatments, side effects, best practice solutions can be a lot to manage. In college, Co-Founder Dr. Andrew Brandeis used a shared dropbox account to store pearls of wisdom imparted by teachers and instructors. After graduating, this switched over to email and texts, which he described as "a horrible way of sharing information that's so important.” So, the obvious 2014 solution? SharePractice.  A crowdsourced knowledge base of treatments, the app is designed to give health care professionals access to all the knowledge of their peers, in the palm of their hand.

Only available for phone now, the team is working to expand to android and web versions. "Drugs change, bugs change," says Braindeis. "The standard of care should change every day.”

Incognito Wearables

In the past few months alone we’ve seen amazing new developments in wearables. This list from mashable is no exception. Cordless headphones that sit in ear and measure your heart rate, body temperature, and calories burn? I think you mean a runners new favorite gadget. RFID chips in your socks? A little less practical, but you’ll never lose a pair again.


Google’s 8 Easter Eggs

Right in time for Easter, check out some of Google’s greatest hidden eggs. No time for a real egg hunt? Just turn to Google. Try searching images for “Atari Breakout” to play a quick game. Or, if you’re hungry… see what happens when you click “I’m Feeling Hungry” instead of the usual “I’m feeling lucky.” 

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