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Super Bowl Sunday on the Small Screen

The NFL Mobile App

January 31, 2014

The NFL Mobile App is everything a football fan could hope for. It offers users access to a wealth of information and resources about teams, players, and games.

Set your home team and you’ll start receiving instant updates with exciting news, live scores and updates. Available for both Android and Apple operating systems, the app offers tons of breaking news, video highlights, player information, live game scores and more.  

An easy to navigate menu lets you explore:


  • Receive up-to-the minute NFL game score updates from around the league

Custom Team Alerts

  • Follow your favorite team and get customized alerts – including injury updates, highlights, game start times, entry into the red zone, and scoring plays

Video Highlights

  • Watch highlights after the game

Fantasy Football

  • Follow your NFL.com fantasy team right in the app
  • There are also apps specifically for your Fantasy teams, including “Fantasy Advisor” to help players dominate their drafts. 


  • Buy merchandise, tickets and more straight from your phone.

For an extra $5, Verizon customers are eligible to upgrade to Premium Features.

  • This gains access to live streams of NFL RedZone on Sunday afternoons.
  • LIVE NFL games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday Nights, and NFL Network 24/7.
  • Check team standings, stats, rosters and schedules, browse the NFL.com shop, find game tickets, or read expert analysis wherever you are.

This Verizon only feature offers some truly incredible content- assuming you’re already on the network.

Sunday’s Game

According to the lasts updates, the NFL is planning to block live streams of the game inside the stadium during the Super Bowl. While stadiums have boosted cellular and Wi-Fi infrastructure to keep fans connected during games, there's always the possibility that there won't be enough bandwidth for everyone.

CNN explains that the plan is to prioritize upload speeds over download because fans generally spend a lot of time posting photos and statuses to social media.

The NFL is also providing a Super Bowl app to attendees with an event guide and "exclusive content," but it won't include streaming video or replays, again, to minimize bandwidth use. Luckily, the vast majority of fans will actually want to “watch the game on the field, watch the replays on the jumbo board, and participate in the event more than they want to be checking their phone."

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