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The Friday Five: Lions, Robots, and Go-Pros... Oh my!

Top 5 Favorites of the Week

March 28, 2014

The theme of this week’s Friday Five is that computers are taking over the world. Look out; life as we know it may be taking a shift to robots ruling.

Facebook Buying Oculus Virtual-Reality Company for $2 Billion

Oculus VR

We took a look at the Oculus Rift back in January in our CES wearable tech article. Now Facebook bought it and we’re really curious where that’s headed. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Oculus VR, it is a virtual reality headset that was originally designed as a video-gaming device. We’re guessing that’s not what Facebook bought it for though. Mark Zuckerburg said in a statement:”Oculus has the potential to be the most social platform ever, imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.” This may be the end of socialization as we know it. Gulp.

15 Terrifying GoPro Videos to Make Your Heart Skip

Ah, the wonders of wearable tech. It now makes it possible for you to get second hand anxiety through someone recording themselves base jumping off Freedom Tower. If you want a real stomach twister, we suggest watching number 6. For those of you who thought the Red Bull Stratos mission was absolutely crazy just wait until you see it through the eyes of Felix Baumgartner.


Every company with an internet marketing campaign should know about SEO and PPC. Each has the capability to improve a company’s visibility online but a lot of people have trouble understanding them. This article highlights the pros and cons of each and when to use them. Definitely a must read for any small business.

These Gorgeous Close-Ups Of Lions Were Taken By A Lion-Proof Robot Camera

Lion Close Up

“One walked right up, clamped the thing between her jaws, and ran off with BeetleCam Version 1.0.” Darn, I hate it when my invention gets eaten by a lion. Wildlife photographer, William Burrard-Lucas, has invented a camera/rover that takes beautiful photographs without running the risk of getting eaten. The BeetleCam is on wheels and roams the Savannah by itself taking unique photographs of wildlife on its way. Animals usually get spooked or aggressive when they have humans close to them. The BeetleCam was developed to try and get animals more in their natural habitat. Also available in BeetleCopter.

Will computers make human workers obsolete?

Remember Watson? Well it was the computer that the show Jeopardy! brought on to beat champion Ken Jennings. If a computer can process information of a trivia game that quickly, what’s to say they aren’t going to be holding meetings in boardrooms in the future? We are improving technology so quickly that we might actually be Darwinian-ing ourselves out of a job.


We didn't want to go through this week without recognizing the Boston Fire Department. Rest in Peace Lt. Ed Walsh and Firefighter Mike Kennedy, you are America's true heroes.


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