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The Friday Five: Clickbait Banning and Historical Confusion

Our Favorites of the Week

March 14, 2014

Twitter is a whirlwind of content from an overwhelming number of sources. Each week we at MTC take a break from this constant buzz to bring you our favorite articles & news stories week.

Here are our top 5 favorites from this week.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Responsive Web Design in 2014

If you haven’t at least heard of Responsive Web Design, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

No clue what we’re on about?  Well then, this list is for you.  As everything shifts to mobile, responsive is the future of web design so make it a top priority.

In a nutshell, here’s why it’s awesome:

  • A responsive website site automatically responds to the screen size that you’re using. That means no more excessive and annoying scrolling on phones and tablets. Easier browsing means less people chucking their iPhones (or Androids…sorry) across the room out of frustration.
  • Back in 2012, Google recommended it and Google knows all.
  • “Responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML. This lets Google easily crawl and index your website content.”
  •  SEO—you only need one campaign with a responsive website. This will help your site rank better since all of your content is organized with the same HTML. Not to mention this saves a ton of coding and testing time. In conclusion, just make the switch.

One important thing we think is missing from this list?  RWD is way easier on the eyes:

Responsive -WEb


You’re a Content Marketer and the Internet Hates You

Content -MK-Meme

We at MTC create our fair share of content. It’s our way of keeping in touch, exploring news and trends as they happen. But, trying to boost your brand with clickbait? That’s not just deceptive; people have declared war against it! Sensationalizing your headlines and writing up inaccurate descriptions is severely uncool.

So, a friendly reminder to all the content marketers out there: clickbait is not the answer.  

Want To Climb The Wall Of Westeros? Try An Oculus Rift


For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there the creative agency Relevent delivers the best virtual reality experience you can imagine. Inspired by the HBO hit show, they showcased the Oculus Rift at SXSW this week. It is a 4D experience (because apparently 3D isn’t enough) that lets you see and feel the experience.

Participants at SXSW deemed the experience terrifyingly real. From shaking to wind you’ll truly believe you’re suspended 700 feet above the virtual ground below. You can watch a video play by play and people completely freak out here.

You can watch a video play by play and people completely freak out here.

Betty White is Older Then Sliced Bread

Betty -White

Beloved actress Betty White was born in 1922. That’s six years before inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder decided that bakers should pre-silce your bread for you. 

If you ever feel like you’ve lost track of time then get ready to have your mind blown. The rest of these 8 facts will change your understanding of history forever. From calculus and Harvard to wooly mammoths and the pyramids test your knowledge and learn what happened when.

Tiffany & Co. was a company before Italy became a country. We aren’t sure which of these facts are the most shocking. Let us know what you think!

Bloggers rejoice!

Bloggers! Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing, the Hemmingway App. This site lets you input your latest article or blog post and scans it for adverbs, difficult to read sentences and that pesky passive voice that weakens your writing. My new enemy and favorite app, put your writing to the test. This blog post is written at a 7th grade reading level and has 6 adverbs, because sometimes, you’ve just got to use an adverb.

Check back next week to learn more about what we love and share your favorite findings with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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