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The Friday Five: From 3D printing to ChocoChicken

Top 5 Favorites of the Week

March 21, 2014

Print 3D cuties with LeBlox


With 3D printing on the rise, it was only a matter of time before the creation of LEBLOX. This app lets you create tiny 3D printed pixilated versions of all your favorite things. From grumpy cat to Pharrell’s giant hat, you can choose your own or browse user’s designs and print others' creations.



Skill Share

Looking to learn something new? Look no further. You can now access hundreds of online courses with Skillshare. Courses, which were previously set at a flat fee of around $20 or $30 per course, are now available with a $10 monthly subscription. Their goal is to make courses from elite universities like Harvard and Stanford available online for everyone from urban, young professionals may be entrepreneurs, or seasoned business executives.

Designed to be project-based, courses are ideal for those building a portfolio. Students can work at their own pace taking only a few classes at a time to balance classes with work.

So what will you learn next?


Contact Us!

Contact Us

Now, we know you have mixed feelings about the “contact us” form built you often find on websites. Does anyone read them? Why can’t you just email a specific person? Well these 20 beautifully designed contact us pages remind users that someone is listening!

From a mock boarding pass for an airline’s customer feedback to mock code for web design projects, check them out! You might just change your mind about built in forms .


Mad Men’s Creative Advice (INFOGRAPHIC)

Don -Draper

Get excited. Mad Men is returning to AMC April 13th for the first half of its final season. Can’t wait? Then check out this great infographics of Don Draper’s best creative advice.

As Don says, “People want to be told what to do so badly that they’ll listen to anyone.“ So listen to us and check it out.



Choco Chicken

Are you ready for the future of fast food? Well the creators of Umami, the west coast burger chain are ready to bring it to you. Mastermind Adam Fleischman is introducing a new chain of fast-casual dining entitled “ChocoChicken”. Yup. Chocolate chicken.

Suggested in a cold pitch, the concept was to take fried chicken and turn it on its ear. They claim that ' When you taste it, you’ll realize 'Oh, that's what chocolate chicken is.'"

Intrigued yet?

The stores will also concoct sides like white chocolate mashed potatoes and bacon biscuits featuring, a bit worryingly, something dubbed ChocoKetchup. Intended as a savory dinner option rather than a wacky dessert mash up, one eater went so far as to say that “It just tastes like happiness.”

Bring on the ChocoChicken!

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