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The Friday Five: Happy Nurse Appreciation Week

May 09, 2014

This Makeup Printer Could Destroy The Cosmetics Industry

Mink Demo

The Cosmetics Industry makes approximately 50 billion dollars per year on a lot of brand marketing and fluff. We’ve all been there (ok maybe not all of us,) where you just need that new color of lipstick because it’s a slightly different color than the other one you bought last week. Well, all of that nonsense might be shot down with a Harvard Business School grad’s new idea. Grace Choi has invented a 3-D printer that can actually PRINT new colors of makeup. The video is definitely worth the watch and I need one of these in my house immediately.

My Life Without a Smartphone

Iphone Addiction

I’m pretty sure that Smartphone’s are a permanent extension of our arms now, so to think that someone in online media exists without one is pretty much unfathomable.  How do you even tweet? To be fair, this person has never had a Smartphone so I guess she doesn’t know what she’s missing. It makes you wonder how hard it would be to make the transition back to a flip phone.

8 of the most innovative web redesigns ever

Boston Globe Screen Shot

This is great; businesses, organizations etc. are starting to catch on to the world of successful UX/UI design. These 8 redesigns remind everyone that a good design doesn’t only cosmetically enhance your website but it also introduces a whole new way to interact with your websites content. These websites not only visually nailed it, but they also took themselves to a new level of accessibility by becoming mobile friendly. As if we haven’t harped on it enough, responsive design is the way to go in this mobile world.

Top Five Health Innovations of this Week

Skin Patch

We’ve seen Google Glass in hospitals so far this year—but there’s a lot more cooking in the realm of healthcare innovation. The most mind boggling thing out this week was a skin patch, developed by a team out of University of Texas at Austin, which can deliver medications exactly when patients need it. The patch has technology that tracks skin temperature and body movements to sense when a patient needs a release of medication, which then is then absorbed directly through the skin. This is intended to be used with those who have epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease and could really change the way they live their life.

It’s Nurses Week!

ANA-140-NNW-Rotating -Banner -600

Healthcare innovation wouldn’t be possible without the people who are dedicated to patient care. These are our nurses and it is officially National Nurse Appreciation Week from Tuesday, May 6th to Monday, May 12th. It’s time to say thank you to all the wonderful nurses out there, they’re the real lifesavers.


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