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Building a Website that Works for Your Users: Part I

User Flow and Calls to Action

August 26, 2015

Without a good plan or forethought, a website can easily devolve into a mess of jumbled pages. When visitors arrive at disorganized websites, if it is not clear where they should go they usually leave after browsing a few pages. Which is why the MTC team has decided to put together a 4-part blog series on important areas to focus on while designing your new website or app.

Vision to Reality: The Importance of Contractor-Client Communication

August 20, 2015

At MTC we believe that our client experience is the most important interaction that we have on a daily basis. When developing websites and applications, we continually strive for a remarkable client experience. We are fortunate enough to have had such successful interactions that one of our clients eventually transitioned into an equally successful employee. Being that he has had the opportunity to have the unique perspective of both an MTC client and employee, we asked him to detail the process of what it is like to be a client of ours.

The Quantified Self

Building a Better You Through Data

August 13, 2015

Big Data has become an increasingly trendy topic, from fitness bands that test heart rate and steps taken to stress apps that help maintain a "zen" mindset. With all of these excess apps now becoming popular - which ones can provide the right data for you?

The (new) Anatomy of an Online Store

August 03, 2015

The evolution of internet marketing and branding have come a long way over the last 20 years. From data overload to simple, streamlined interfaces, the successful behemoths have evolved right along with it. However, former industry powerhouses, like Yahoo.com have been floundering to maintain prominence. Is it too late for these lagging companies, or can a few adjustments help them regain much needed market share?

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