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Choose a friendly content management system.

Umbraco LogoOur CMS of choice is Umbraco.

Umbraco is one of the most respected content management systems (CMS) available today used by firms such as Microsoft, FX Networks, Heinz, National Geographic, and Sony. It currently powers over 85,000 websites worldwide (with probably 100 of them done by MTC), and has a large community to enhance features and solve the rare technical issue.

The administrative interface used to add/modify content is the best we’ve seen, the back-end architecture is extremely secure and well thought out, it has an unmatched ability to integrate with other systems if needed, and most importantly it’s distributed using with an open source license which means no major licensing costs to speak of.

Umbraco is built using Microsoft C#/.NET, and runs on the Windows IIS web server. In addition, it has extensive enterprise features such as membership, customization of workflow, media management, customization of the administrative interface, available language modules, and use of the .NET Razor language for integration with other systems.

“MTC implemented an open source CMS with ease. They determined what we needed to update, built the templates, and trained us. Now we're able to make small edits and updates quickly and easily, and not get billed each time. Outstanding!”

As an alternative, we also have significant experience with Drupal CMS.

Drupal LogoLike Umbraco, Drupal is an extremely powerful CMS powering sites such as, (an MTC customer), The Economist, The Onion, AOL, and Fast Company Magazine. And if you’re a music fan, Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, Moby, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Pink have all chosen Drupal to power their web destinations.

Drupal is also open-source (written in PHP), and will run on both Linux Apache and Windows IIS systems. In addition, it has extensive enterprise features such as customization of workflow, built-in language modules, and integration with e-commerce.

While Drupal is open-source and distributed under the popular GNU General Public License, Drupal’s code-base is heavily influenced and maintained by a for-profit company (Acquia, based in Burlington, MA). What does this mean? It has a defined decision maker, and the code-base is not the Wild West. This ensures your investment in the infrastructure is solid.

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