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Does your app developer know what an ICD10 code is?

MTC's Boston-based team has expertise in creating solutions that capture, manage and share healthcare and clinical data to increase quality of care while lowering healthcare costs.

Technology has changed how treatments are developed and how healthcare decisions are made by medical providers. As a healthcare leader, you're looking to increase performance and information sharing while you control costs. While the expected payoffs are significant, so are the challenges. MTC has worked with some of the most prestigious hospitals, research organizations and drug companies to develop innovative data-driven web applications.

We can help you in many areas:

“The ROI of the web database MTC built for us was 200% within the first month. We saved over $10,000 on a single medical case!”
  • Healthcare intelligence for hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Provider performance applications
  • Claims analysis & decision support
  • Extractions from data repositories such as Meditech, Cactus, Picis and Eclipsys.
  • Employee suggestion portals
  • Databases to manage regulatory compliance
  • Mobile healthcare applications
  • Pharmaceutical proctor, preceptor, speaker tracking & reporting (to comply with Sunshine Act requirements)
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