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Your data can be complex and cumbersome.

Not having immediate and easy access to your information can cost you time and money. Making sure your application or database is secure, available to multiple users, running smoothly and at its peak performance it crucial. MTC's Boston-based developers have years of experience handling information challenges for SMB and enterprise environments.

We develop robust desktop/web/mobile applications and databases to meet your business and data needs, and we have significant experience in nonprofit, healthcare and life sciences.

“Before MTC, we had 25 sales reps enter data into an Excel spreadsheet daily. MTC created a system that my team can now access anywhere in the world with only a web browser!”

A sampling of recent web-data applications we've created:

  • A mobile-enabled CRM, sales & pipeline tracking tool for a leading Massachusetts biotech
  • Pharmaceutical physician gift reporting for an international medical device company
  • A course registration & learning management tool for a large nonprofit
  • Web-based employee suggestion box for a large hospital network
  • A physician reportcard for a world-class teaching hospital
  • Clinical research data tracking for a world-renowned university
  • A business management and reporting tool for a regional labor union
  • An online professional services timesheet application that integrates with a company's SugarCRM app.
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