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Toss the wooden suggestion box.

MTC develops custom employee suggestion boxes and innovation platforms to increase productivity and tap your team's knowledge.

Save money. Develop products. Improve customer service. Listen to your employees. Get rid of the suggestion box.

Do you still have an employee suggestion box hanging on the walls of your company hallways? So what do you do with the hundreds of paper slips? Do you enter them into Excel? A carefully developed employee suggestion program can help you develop new products, save money, and have an engaged employee base.

But managing the program can be a full-time job.

MTC develops out-of-the-box and custom web-based employee suggestion programs that let your team submit great ideas, and let you manage the entire workflow -- from idea submission, to sponsor/executive review, to acceptance/denial and reward delivery -- all through a web-based solution.

We encourage you to check out our virtual employee suggestion program at

Vocoli: Hosted Employee Suggestion Software

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